What will tomorrow bring?


So now we are at level 3 and it seems that all hell has broken loose!  

Not really – it just seems that way as the majority of people are able to return to work, except of course the industries that we personally miss the most – restaurants, pubs, hotels, sport, air travel (you can fly but the planes will be empty, so they won't fly!)

We can go to church – but we can't sing! We can walk, run, cycle, etc. whenever and wherever we want during daylight – but not in groups! We still can't go and see our families – but most of us are ignoring this. We can't have our hair cut – but most of us are ignoring this as well! We can buy and consume alcohol, but only at home – the Emergency Services in Hospitals have suddenly got busy again!

Our unequal society is exposed to an ever-greater extent as we see the COVID-19 infections and deaths rise exponentially.
What will tomorrow bring? What will next week bring? The only certainty at the moment - uncertainty!

It's goodbye from me then ...
New routines

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