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High quality apps exceeding expectations

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"In an off-the-shelf solution that clearly speeds the development process, Kendo UI gives us the capabilities we need to build consistent, high quality apps that exceed expectations.” Svetlin Iliev, Applications Development Manager, Alexander Forbes Group Holdings.

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Millennials require soft skills training

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Whether straight out of school, or with a few years’ experience under their belts, millennials bring an amazing array of hard skills across multiple fields to the table.

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Social skills can transform your business

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The rules for remaining competitive in business are changing every day, yet some companies are still not embracing new trends and methods.

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Progress offers free tools for next generation of Business Application Developers

Progress OpenEdge Developer Kit: Classroom Edition enables software development students, recent graduates and new developers to design enterprise-class applications with ease.

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Opening training horizons

Skills development has long been in the province of dry, passive and disengaging training, according to Premie Naicker, CEO of AIGS.

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Decision-making based on the real version of the truth

Research company The Conference Board recently conducted a survey of 56 large international companies such as Coca-Cola, Fedex and American Express, revealing that while these businesses have little in common operationally, they all have three common elements contributing to their success.

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Visualisation the first step to data storytelling

Howard Dresner, chief research officer at Dresner Advisory Services, believes that storytelling will be the next big thing in collaborative computing.

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Extract decision-making knowledge

In a world where IT is the enabler of business, the majority of organisations are still focused on the more traditional threats to IT security, such as e-mail and web viruses, while others are finally becoming aware of other ways in which their company’s security can be compromised, including theft of information and social engineering.

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Join us for a thought leadership even on streamlining your business intelligence

BI remains one of the top priority issues for CIOs and investment in BI technologies continues to grow in a rapidly changing IT landscape.

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The end of big data?

At the end of 2013, Harvard Business Review featured an article that stated “big data has been hyped so heavily that companies are expecting it to deliver more value than it actually can.

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Progress Gains Significant Momentum in Public Sector, Driving Increased Efficiency for Government Agencies in 25+ States

Progress Corticon Business Rules Engine is proven to drive smarter, faster business automation at many government agencies.

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Tom Bascom takes his knowledge to the Cape

Having hosted two exceptionally successful days in Johannesburg Tom Bascom, White Start Software (USA) is departing his diverse knowledge to Progress programmes in the Cape.

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Tom Bascom sharing his wisdom with Progress Software Developers

The first session with Tom Bascom, of White Star Software (USA) kicked off in Johannesburg today.

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Workshop with Tom Bascom

It's just days until the much anticipated workshops that AIGS will be hosting with our special guest Tom Bascom of White Star Software (USA). The following are Tom's own words about the the content of the workshops:

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AIGS hosts Zambia roadshow

Lusaka-based Yellowfin reseller, Digital Fingers, in conjunction with Sub-Saharan distributor of Yellowfin and the Progress suite of products, AIGS, recently hosted a roadshow in Lusaka, Zambia.

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Yellowfin helps bank meet Basel III reporting requirements

Following the worldwide financial crisis that started in 2008, the Basel Committee of Banking Supervision responded to the deficiencies in financial regulation by creating a regulatory framework that strengthens bank capital requirements. Basel III, also known as the Third Basel Accord, was the framework created to strengthen bank liquidity and decrease bank leverage, or debt.

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Progress Price change

With effect from 1 April 2015 Progress is implementing a price increase, based on CPI, and will be a fixed 6% across all of the Progress and related offerings.

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Progress Roadmap with John Goodson; co-founder of DataDirect

Our mission has always been to take your big ideas and help turn them into business reality through the rapid development, deployment and data management of beautiful apps.

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AIGS hosted Namibia roadshow

AIGS, sub-Saharan distributor of Yellowfin and the Progress suite of products, hosted a roadshow in Namibia. The roadshow introduced the features and benefits of award-winning BI product, Yellowfin, to Namibia, as well as provided valuable insights and feedback on the recent Progress Exchange conference held in Orlando, USA.

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Yellowfin officially launched in Zimbabwe

Yellowfin, a Business Intelligence (BI) tool service provider originating from Australia, recently convened a session in Harare where they spoke to the Zimbabwean market as they officially unveiled the international brand to the Zimbabwean community.

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