I am a 'people person' and definitely missing my people...


So here we are 19 weeks later and wondering why we spent all those years in "rush hour" traffic twice a day in order to spend hours at an office – not to mention the time we wasted during the day travelling to meetings in other people's offices!  

Everybody I speak to tells me how much more productive they are now that we have settled into the "new normal" of remote "office" work, business meetings, etc. Will we ever go back to the "old" normal? We all miss the direct human interactions, but do we need them every day or will a weekly face to face "fix" provide the therapy we need?!

I am a "people" person and I am most definitely missing the "in person" chat over a cup of coffee, or the glass of wine that accompanies a light lunch discussing the latest business challenges. I take solace from the fact that those will return – but not yet! We have to be patient and exercise constraint – none of us knows when our social and leisure lives will return to the "old" normal, when the hospitality and travel industries will resume their rightful place in our day to day lives. We just know that they will! In the meantime, we have to continue to enhance the new way of operating.

For those of us with a few years under our belts it's easy to voice this pragmatic reasoning – but what about the younger, and less experienced, members of our teams? They need to feel valued and part of the team - so we need to continue to provide frequent meaningful motivation. We mustn't settle in to the new normal and become complacent, forgetting what drove our behaviours at the start of lockdown. On the contrary we need to focus even more on bringing everybody along. We valued their presence at the beginning, and we want them there throughout so that they are still there at the end – but with immeasurable added value as a result of the experience!

All of this is, of course, not unique to South Afr...
What to do?

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