What to do?


And just when I thought I had settled into lockdown and the 'new normal' … an interrupted power supply that went on for days became the new challenge …


What to do?

  • Buy a gas stove = CHECK
  • Buy a gas heater = CHECK
  • Candlelit dinners = CHECK

And thank heavens for …
  • The kindness of neighbours who have Gennies, allowing me to charge laptops, phones and other devices and offering space in their deep freezers to store meat, fish and poultry to avoid spoilage.
  • Wimpy and the office, where I could at least get some connectivity (charged devices with no connectivity requires a solution).

And survive we did … as we do … with a greater appreciation for how beautiful the stars around us are without any light to dim their brightness.

I am a 'people person' and definitely missing my p...
Making a difference during COVID-19

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