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Welcome to the Delight@Work Quest for "Creating delight online"

As part of this quest, we would like you to scour our AIGS website and find any mistakes, broken links, spelling errors and for each of the items, you find you will earn a point.

Please list every error that you find and, by COB Friday 13th  July, submit your list to  for evaluation. The person who gets the most points will win a fabulous gift voucher.

(Please note there are more than 10 errors!)


MIP is a longtime partner of Progress. Two things we have always depended on the OpenEdge database to deliver are performance efficiency and bulletproof stability. And the cost of ownership is incredibly low. Progress delivers a fast, rock-solid, and backward compatible solution.
Richard Firth MIP
Progress Corticon's decision logic is incredibly powerful, yet managed by business analysts rather than programmers. This enables real-time flexibility of the deciion rule sets, and put the customer entirely in control.
Patrick O'Reilly MIP

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