Bootcamp DBA

From August 01, 2017 08:00 until August 04, 2017 17:00
+27 011 267 8600


Audience – Database Administrator

This Bootcamp is a combination of DBA I & DBA II

This course is designed for database administrators who need to administer Progress V9 or OpenEdge RDBMS 10 and 11 databases.

It teaches the concepts, procedures, and guidelines used in database administration. Students will learn about the OpenEdge RDBMS architecture, and how to use database administration tools to create, start up, and shut down a database. For maintenance, students will learn how to backup and restore a database, implement roll-forward recovery using after-imaging, and dump and load a database. Finally, they will learn how to troubleshoot database problems

Day 1


  • About the OpenEdge RDBMS architecture
  • Familiarise with standard database tools
    • Data Dictionary
    • Data administration
    • Create a database
  • Usage of areas, structure files
  • Create DB, copy DB, delete DB
  • Basic PROSTRCT commands
  • Adding, moving DB Extents
  • Basic PROUTIL commands
  • Start up and shut down a database
  • OpenEdge Explorer
  • DBMan command line utility

Day 2


  • Familiarise with database tools in Progress Developer Studio
  • Data dictionary
  • Data administration
  • Create a database
  • Start up and shut down a database
  • Database ABL and SQL connection
  • DB Navigator perspective
  • Embedding OpenEdge Explorer
  • Backup and Restore a database
  • Backup a DB (online vs. offline)
  • Verify backup and restore
  • Implement roll-forward recovery using After-imaging
  • After-image Archiving

Day 3

Part I: DB Migration

  • Sizing databases
  • Sizing AI, BI, DB
  • Implement database migration strategies
  • Converting DB V9 to R.10 and to R.11
  • Dump&Load, Binary Dump&Load, Buffer-copy, Bulk Load
  • Perform specialised dump and load

Part II: DB Tuning

  • Identify O/S monitoring tools
  • Maximize CPU usage
  • Maximize shared memory usage
  • Reduce before-image I/O
  • Minimize database I/O
  • Optimise after-image I/O
  • Eliminate table fragmentation
  • Eliminate index-related performance problems
  • Eliminate dead processes

Part III: Advanced DBA

  • Use Virtual System Tables
  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Fix data corruption
  • Fix index corruption

Day 4

Advanced DBA (topics on demand)

  • OpenEdge Auditing
  • Adding Transparent Data Encryption
  • Clustering
  • Introduction to OpenEdge Replication
  • Introduction to OpenEdge Management
  • Introduction to Multi-Tenancy
  • Introduction to Table Partitioning


  • Describe the OpenEdge RDBMS architecture
  • Familiarise with data administration tools
  • Create a database
  • Start up and shut down a database
  • Backup and Restore a database
  • Implement Roll-forward recovery using After-imaging
  • Dump and load a database
  • Migrate a database to a newer release
  • Tune a Database
  • Troubleshoot database problems
  • Tune a Database
  • Take advantages of the new database features


Students should already be able to:

  • Understand relational database concepts such as tables, indexes, triggers, primary keys, foreign keys, and entity-relationship diagrams
  • Possess a working knowledge of either the UNIX or Windows operating system


  • GravatarNicholas Howell
  • GravatarAneme van Dyk
  • GravatarMatthew Cochrane
  • GravatarFikile Maqelepo

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