Bootcamp 4GL/GUI

From August 14, 2017 08:00 until August 18, 2017 17:00
+27 011 267 8600


Audience – OpenEdge ABL/4GL Developer

This Bootcamp is a combination 4GL Essentials & Graphical User Interface Application Development.

4GL Essentials

Developers who are new to OpenEdge need to learn the 4GL and the basic data management concepts in the OpenEdge language. Knowledge of the OpenEdge 4GL is required by developers writing applications using any of the user interfaces: GUI, Character, WebSpeed, WebClient, etc. This is a foundation course that serves as a prerequisite to several other courses in the curriculum.

This course is the foundation course for students who plan to develop or maintain applications using the 4GL.

Students should have a basic understanding of programming concepts and relational database concepts.

Graphical User Interface Application Development

This course is designed for experienced Progress 4GL developers, including character developers, who know how to write structured business logic procedures using the Progress 4GL. You will learn how to apply Progress recommended best practices to build thin-client graphical user interfaces (GUIs) for host based, client/server, and the latest n-tier distributed applications. Using the 4GL, the AppBuilder, and ProVision’s basic objects.


4GL Essentials

Work with the OpenEdge 10 Procedure Editor, AppBuilder, and other application development tools. Set up a development database. Retrieve and display data from an OpenEdge 10 database.

  • Access subsets of data using queries.
  • Manage transactions and record locks.
  • Trap errors and code responses to error conditions.
  • Design modular and reusable code.
  • Design business logic that is separate from UI logic.

Graphical User Interface Application Development

  • Use the Progress Application Development Environment (ADE) and the AppBuilder to develop thin-client graphical user interfaces for N-tier Internet e-Business applications.
  • Develop a thin-client graphical user interface.
  • Manage data in temp-tables.



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