Attitude is our way of thinking and feeling about someone or something. We believe that our attitude towards each other and our customers is the cornerstone of our organisation.
Integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong minded principles; a trait that each team member feels strongly represents us individually and collectively as a team.
Growth is an act or process of change, a principal which epitomises our team as individuals and our organisation as a whole. As we know change is the only constant especially in a technology arena.
Service is the action of helping or doing some work for someone and our intention is always to make a difference to the lives of our customers through the service we offer.

And what does it actually mean?

We hear this phrase from many different sources almost daily and it is undoubtedly the sincere intention of all organisations that aspire to it! However, how many times do we, as customers or consumers, really feel that the product or service has really "made a difference"?

At AIGS we recently got together to define "Why?" we are in business!

4 years ago this was an easy question to answer – we had a very clearly defined objective to continue as the Progress Distributor, seamlessly and in such a way that our Progress customers experienced "business as usual". This was the "Why?" then, and today this continues to be our primary "How!" But today the world and AIGS has moved on!

Whatever we do is important, whether it be providing products or services. This is how we stay in business! However, of increasingly prime importance is the manner in which we go about our business – particularly in the world of technology. However much we try to differentiate our product offerings, the reality is that there are alternatives, and as technology advances it becomes easier and easier for our customers to move to an alternative. Customers are no longer "loyal" due to product features and benefits alone – they want more, they want their supplier to "Make a Difference"!

So, at AIGS we agreed that this is "Why" we are in business – to do just that – to Make a Difference!

We continue with our underlying belief encapsulated by the phrase "Delight@Work" and our mission is now to extend that vision to ensure that in "delighting" our customers we also make a positive difference – to their lives, their environment, their day to day operation.

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