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Don't break the rules: Make them instead

Corticon empowers IT and business users to manage business rules outside the application—without coding.

Complementing your existing applications by automating sophisticated decision processes, reducing development and change cycles by up to 90%.

Why Choose Corticon

Easy to use, powerful and accurate, Progress Corticon tames the complex rules that manage your business without user, performance, platform or language limitations.

Strengthen your apps, keep pace with change and support the organization through automated decision management.

Easy to use

Empower the business while liberating IT for more pressing tasks. An intuitive interface and spreadsheet-style modeling tools let business staff manage sophisticated rules without having to code.


Get millisecond response times and scale across millions of transactions per day. The Design-Time-Inferencing™ (DeTI) algorithm built into Corticon scales the organization linearly as the number of rules increases.


The Corticon rule integrity feature and onboard diagnostics mean “no fear” automation. Test new rules to ensure accurate results and pinpoint conflicts before they become headaches.

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