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Training Levels

Day 1 – Level 1 (Exploration)


This course is designed for technical or business people who are new to Yellowfin. This course is designed to help you gain proficiency in using Yellowfin to explore, create and collaborate with content in Yellowfin.


Hands-on activities to re-enforce the skills and knowledge attained.




  • Understand the main Yellowfin components including Connections, Views, Reports, Dashboards, Storyboard and mobile capabilities •
  • Understand how a connection is made to a database
  • Understand at a basic level how a View is created from tables and fields in a database
  • Easily access information in Yellowfin through a variety of navigational functions including Search, Browse, Inbox, Dashboards, Content Panel and Timeline
  • Understand yellowfin terminology and the interactivity options available, including: •
    • Drill Down
    • Drill Anywhere
    • Drill Through
    • User Prompt Filters
    • Date Slider
    • Unit Selection
    • Series Selection
    • Maps
  • Use yellowfin to create sophisticated reports easily from yellowfin Views
  • Understand how to combine dimension and metric fields and apply different aggregation rules • Use advanced functions to manipulate datasets after they have been returned from a database
  • Create basic calculations including string manipulation, basic arithmetic calculations, date functions and logic statements
  • Understand how to apply filters, sections, pivots, drills and charts to the information being analyzed
  • Apply formatting techniques including field display settings, conditional formatting, grouping, suppressing duplicates, totaling and subtotaling
  • Understand techniques to facilitate organizational collaboration including comments, notes, Timeline and discussion threads
  • Start exploring the features and functions of yellowfin Dashboards, Storyboards, and mobile capabilities

Day 2 – Level 2 (Advanced)


This course is designed for technical or business people who are intermediate users of yellowfin. Participants will learn how to master advanced yellowfin features, which will build on foundational knowledge, to develop the skills necessary to easily transform data into beautiful visualizations.


Hands-on activities to re-enforce the skills and knowledge attained.


Understanding of SQL and basic yellowfin navigation and report creation


  • Present data using a range of different charting options, including:
    • Standard Charts
    • Time Series Functionality
    • Specialty Charts
    • Statistical Charts
    • Maps
    • Multi-Charts
  • Understand the filter options available in yellowfin including Org Ref Code Filters, Cached Filters, Dependent Filters and Date Filters
  • Use related report options, such as Co-Display and Drill Through
  • Create reports using advanced techniques, including KPI reporting, Report Summary, What If analysis and CSV import
  • Understand how and when to use Sub Queries to create more sophisticated reports o Sub Query options include append, union, minus, intersect and advanced
  • Use the annotation, distribution and scheduling options for reports
  • Create powerful KPI or linked Dashboards
  • Create Storyboards

Day 3 – Level 3 (Expert)


This course is designed for system administrators who are expert users of yellowfin.

Price (per candidate)

Full training ( all 3 days ) – R 8 250
Developer Training ( day 1 and day 2 ) – R 5 500
Sysadmin Training ( day 3 only ) – R 2 750

For detailed information read our Terms & Conditions

Yellowfin Training Session – February 2018

From February 14, 2018 08:00 until February 16, 2018 17:00
+27 011 267 8600

Enjoy hands-on Yellowfin training with fully catered lunch, morning and afternoon tea.

We have 3 skill levels: Exploration, Advanced, and Expert. Each level adds a layer of expertise to your use of yellowfin.

The suggested pre-requisite for participation in Advanced and Expert level training is successful completion of the previous level.

If you are an experienced user, you may wish to skip directly to the level suited to your skills and interest.


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