Corticon - AIGS

Decision Automation to
Transform User Experience and
Streamline Operations

Corticon provides a simplified user experience for IT and
business experts to manage their complex digital
decisions outside of the application—without coding.

The Value of Digital Decisioning

Progress Corticon enables a streamlined digital experience by allowing your business to automate complex digital decisions – without having to code.


Personalize the experience for individual customers to best meet their needs. For example, a healthcare organization can use Corticon to automate a customer’s application for healthcare benefits or to help customize their diet plan after a cardiac event. By personalizing your customer’s experience, you streamline their path through the information and options available.


Improve the accuracy and speed of benefits eligibility and delivery for your customers. For example, a mortgage company can use Corticon to determine the programs and rates a customer qualifies for. Whether it’s healthcare, banking, state benefits – Corticon assists you in keeping up with rapidly changing eligibility.


Manage risk, prove regulatory compliance, and build trust and confidence in your automated processes. For example, a state agency can automate the permitting process for commercial development to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. Knowing why a permit was approved or denied is essential for the applicant to know the process is fair and how their application may need to be changed to be approved.

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Progress® Corticon® complements your existing applications by automating sophisticated decision processes, reducing development and change cycles by up to 90%.

Deployment Flexibility

​Execute decisions where they are needed.

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Web Service Deployment
Run decision services on Corticon Server in the cloud or on-prem, exposed as a web service or running inside an application

Run decision services as Serverless functions on any cloud platforms​

Mobile and Browser
Run decision services on client for instant response time and offline execution and to leverage local data


Automatically analyze rules for conflict and missing conditions


Integrated testing enables rapid identification of misbehavior.