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Aligning technology spending with strategic business objectives is becoming increasingly important for business, as are relationships that will allow companies to accelerate their success. As the distributor of Progress Software in SubSaharan Africa, AIGS offers flexible solutions that aid in driving revenue expansion and growth. With a strong focus on providing personalised service and an approach that has its customers at its heart, it helps companies create real success.

Now more than ever, vendors must focus on delivering value.

“To do so, we simply cannot continue to push product features of even customer benefits. Instead, we need to clearly communicate the value that our solutions deliver to our customers, our customers’ customers, and even further down the value chain. In other words, know your product’s ultimate value to end-users,” Rick Parry, Chairman & CEO, AIGS 

To really understand the value, we must identify the need!

To do that, we need to fully understand our customer’s business and their customer chain.
What is the perceived value at every link in the chain?

Know your product’s ultimate value to end-users!

Whatever we do is important, as for us it is how we stay in business.

However, of increasing importance is the way in which we go about our business – particularly in the world of technology!

Companies are ‘spoilt for choice’ when it comes to selecting a technology solution partner. For every choice, there are a few alternatives.

It is no longer about product features and benefits alone. We need to ‘make a difference!

And, exactly how do we strive to do that?

By delivering value – not only to our customers but to our customers’ customers and even further down the value chain!