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The Following is a detailed description of the Intern Program:

Week 1:
  • Introduction to Enterprise Application System Development
    • The What, Why and How
    • Including 5 short courses online.
    • Understand Service Orientated Architecture (SOA)
    • Understand Business Requirements for Customer Specific Services.
Week 2:
  • Progress OpenEdge Database Administrator Training Course
Week 3:
  • Creation of High-Performance Database
Week 4:
  • Progress OpenEdge Database Performance Tuning
  • Advanced Progress OpenEdge Database Administration
Week 5:
  • Optimization and Enhancement of a Database
Week 6:
  • Developing a Progress OpenEdge ABL Application Training Course
Week 7:
  • Developing the back-end business logic for a new system in OOP and OERA.
Week 8:
  • Advanced Progress OpenEdge ABL Application Development
  • Using Pro-Datasets
  • Accessing a REST Service from an ABL Application & Providing Progress OpenEdge Applications as REST Web Applications
Week 9 to Week 11:
  • Creation and Development of CHUI, GUI and Webservices
Week 12 and Week 13:
  • Work on Candidate struggle areas